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This is me (Brett Ray) in my next to last Daytona 200

I would like to say thank you to all the fans and friends
that made it a dream come true. 12 years is enough. I
have a 4 year old little boy now that needs me full time.
And racing demands to much time, money, etc.

So look for Brandon Lee Ray on the track soon.
Time to pass the torch.



Well do in part to the new TV series "Back on Track" that is just what I plan to do. A television show based around motorcycle road racing. I thought I could just walk away. But there are just to many good friends at the tracks I want to see. And good times I still want to be a part of, to just quit. Besides my business is making parts for road racing motorcycles. And this time it's all about having fun while we do the show. Besides Brandon wants me to go back racing. What other excuses can I come up with. HUMM..

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