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VIR race report

Race time came and we were looking good at the start. Mike was in 4 th and Paul was about 8 th . Then a few laps in Mike wasn't there. Oh no there went Paul, there's Mike in 12th. He had lost the front and ran off the track but he didn't crash so we can make it up. Paul pulled in for our first stop and I got on and went out. I only had a few laps around this track and hadn't really raced in about 3 years. So I was going to just take it easy and slowly get up to speed. Well as it turned out my second lap out would be my fastest. About my third lap I got a severe cramp in my right forearm and it only got worse as I went and my times got slower and slower. Pretty soon I couldn't even told the throttle open much less squeeze the brakes. I was only about 8 laps in to my 22 when I ran off the track then again in another. Ready our not I am coming in guys. Of course they weren't ready. Paul had his leathers down helmet off and relaxing. So he got ready as fast as he could and went back out. Of course we were way back now and I didn't know if I was going to be able to go back out or not. I guess old age and old injuries do conspire against you after all. HA. I did make it back out but only to relive Paul, my arm was really hurting and I had no feeling in my hand. So we just played it safe and finished.

As for Mike and Woody they were flying and up to 3 rd or 4 th and looking good. Then it happened again, the bad luck bug bites. No Mike, he had just went out a few lap before. He wasn't out of gas, maybe something broke or I hate to think about it, he crashed. Well a MOTO-ST official came over and said he fell in turn one. But he was up and trying to pick the bike up. Whew at least he's not hurt. It turns out he lost the front going in but saved it only to run wide and off the track. He hit the grass and low sided the bike slid under the tire wall. He couldn't get it out. It was funny hearing him tell it. He said he would pull, tug and lift on it until he was out of breath. The he would back away take a few deep breaths and try again. He looked over at some corner workers and said they were just taking their sweet time walking over watching the other bikes going by. So he started jumping up and down yelling RUN.. RUN! Finally they got it out and he came back to the pit. The bike looked good except for a broken shift lever. Ted bent and twisted what was left of the lever so the guys could shift and Woody went back out. Well for sure we out of the running for the front so we just tried to salvage some points. Woody was on it though and was doing some 2:01's and was making up places fast. It looked we might be able to pull off a 6 th or 7 th place but the race ended just a few laps to soon and we ended up 9 th .

Hopefully our bad luck is over for a while and it will move on. But considering all the happened I think a 9 th and 10 th in Class is just fine.

All in all everyone on the team had a great time. No one got hurt and there is always next time. We all camped right at the track and just hung out there. I have to say even though we didn't win it was one of the best weekends at the track I've ever had.

Brett Ray
Owner R&R Racing

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