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Motorcycle endurance racing is very demanding and hard on equipment. Not just any bike is up to the task.
I can't have a motorcycle that quits in the middle of a race or burdens us down with constant part failures.
We need it to be there running as strong at the end of the race as the start if we hope to win any races.
With a proven track record for reliability and the best handling in it's class there's only one real choice.
That's why R&R Racing chooses Aprilia.

Brett Ray owner R&R Racing

2007 Tuono Factory

Visit Aprilia.com to see more info.

For the serious sport rider

The new Aprilia with tons of power, world class handling and of course that famous Italian styling and sex appeal you can't go wrong.

2007 RSV 1000 R

For more Pictures Aprilia.com


R&R Racing is running the new Moto-ST series in 2007. We will be riding 2 new Aprilia Tuono 1000's. one bike will run under one of our sponsors team name Old Pros Racing with #37 on the bike. The #37 will be ridden by Brett Ray and Paul Schwemmer. The other bike will run under R&R Racing with #76. Our 76 team riders are Mike Luke, Dave Estok and Darrin James. We'll keep you posted.

This new series is an unprecedented opportunity for R&R Racing and Aprilia. The new Supersport twin's class “SST” was tailor made for the Aprilia Tuono 1000 R. After talking to the event promoters and racers who will be racing the class there is no one registered with an Aprilia. It seems by far the bike of choice is the Suzuki SV 1000. As we know that bike simply cannot compete on the track with the Tuono. The rules are very specific on what you can and can not do to the motorcycle. And those rules are meant to keep the bikes very close to stock. And those rules work in favor of the better stock motorcycle. Which is hands down the Aprilia.

We at R&R feel this series is a great opportunity for Aprilia to get their bikes out in front of the buying public. Also to gain some product recognition in the market place. You know the old saying " Win on Sunday sell on Monday " We would like to express our deepest thanks to Aprilia USA for giving R&R Racing this opportunity to showcase their bikes.

Coming soon video of action at the race track.

Bretts Mail


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